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 Application Rules

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PostSubject: Application Rules   Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:41 am

1. When applying, be sure you have the general requirements. I added them in the format this time so everyone knows the rules.
First offence: Infraction
2. Do not post/reply to an application that isn't yours. The only people who can post on applications are STAFF THAT CURRENTLY HOLD THAT POSITION or EX STAFF THAT HAVE THE VETERAN USERGROUP.
First offence: Warning
Second offence: Infraction

3. Do not post your application link anywhere. If you do, you WILL get denied.
You may also get an infraction for this.

4. You can only apply once EVERY two weeks. If you get denied and don't wait two weeks, you will receive an infraction. If you get denied for GameMaster and decide to try for forum moderator, you still have to wait the two week minimum grace period before re-applying.
The same thing applies if you have retired, have been fired or you have failed a trial.

5. You can't apply for more than ONE position at a time. If you do, you will get denied for both and are eligible to receive an infraction.

6. Don't bump your application. Staff look at every application, whether it's first on the list or not. Doing so will make you eligible to receive an infraction.

Regarding Staff Members.

1. Do not ask staff members to comment on your application.
2. Do not ask staff members if your application is good.
3. Do not ask staff members if you should apply.
4. Do not ask staff members to help you on your application.
5. Do not harass/bother/annoy staff about applications.
We reserve the right to deny anyone based on certain circumstances.

Questions you should not ask:

"Can you check my application out?"
"Can you comment on my application?"
"Is my application good enough for me to get hired?"
"Can you help me with my application?"
"Do you have any suggestions for my application?"
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Application Rules
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