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 Report Format

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GM | Super Moderator

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PostSubject: Report Format    Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:54 am

In-Game: (Hacking)

Quote :
Hackers Name(s):

Hack used:

Proof: (Video)

In-Game: (Spamming/Other Chat related)

Quote :
Players Name(s):

Rule broken:

Proof: (Screenshots)


In The Forums

Quote :
Forum Name:

Rule Broken:

Proof: (Screenshots)


Clan War Report Format:

Quote :
Clan Name:

Hackers name(s):

Proof: (Screenshots and Video if possible)

Please note: Being on the same team with someone while they are hacking in a clan war will result in a permanent ban, unless you report them.


How to upload videos:
Go to megaupload.com/mediafire.com and create an account.

Login the account you have just created.

If on mediafire, press UPLOAD TO THIS FOLDER. A screen should pop up and click where it says "Click here to upload files". Once you are there, go to your documents then RealisticGunZ folder where the screenshots and replay files are held. Select the file(s) you want to upload. You can select multiple at the same time by holding CTRL and left clicking more files. Then, just press upload. Once they are done, post the URL along with the correct report format and prefix in this thread.

If on megaupload, Just go to the home page megaupload.com /? then select Browse. Find the folder that is mentioned above in your documents / RealisticGunZ folder. Press the screenshot or replay file you which to submit. Then, press open. In the second text display box, please put a file description. After that, just press send and wait for the URL to appear at the bottom of the screen.

To Upload ScreenShot:
Go to www.TinyPic.com (don't use imageshack , images can be corrupted in short time)
Press Select File (can be in your language);
Locate and select the screenshot (My Documents > RealisticGunZ > Screenshots)
press the big green button . (Do not change anything else)
input the text , copy the bottom link and paste .
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Report Format
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