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 (Must Read) Account Issues Format

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PostSubject: (Must Read) Account Issues Format   Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:06 am

This forum is here to make sure problems are dealt with as soon as possible. It's also easier than sending many messages to the head staff for help. Messages may still be required though.

If you post here, you have to follow a few rules as well.

1) The person that creates the help thread is the only one allowed to reply to the thread. (Excluding Staff)

2) Sex changes Are not Allowed.

3) No item exchanges. The only exception may be if you bought 2 of same item. One will be transferred to one of your other characters. Also, if the item has been bought recently within the last 24 hours and your account has 2 of them, you will be allowed to switch items.

4) Name changes are now allowed.

5) You need proof on your initial post or your thread will be deleted in 24 hours.

6) For e-mail changes, provide your UserID and a screenshot of the account with you on it. If you are looking for e-mail resets because you lost it in the past, just provide a few screenshots and proof you are the real owner.
PLEASE! PM this information to us. But, also provide a thread with the required information without the screenshot. We don't want people to steal your screenshots and claim your account in the future.
(See below for formats)

7) No coin refunds will be given out in this thread. Only item refunds.

Cool Do not make more than 1 thread with the same information.

9) When posting, keep the thread as organized as possible.

10) Don't show disrespect to any member in this thread. All forum rules apply.

Please note: This zone is a double infraction zone. I will be handing out Staff thread/Spamming warnings and infractions.


Lost Donors

Quote :
List of items:
Proof showing every donor in the list on your character in-game(rings can be mentioned in the list with a ss from the inventory. PM THIS):
Characters Name:
Screenshot of your UserID on website(PM This):

Email Change

Quote :
Email change -
Current email.(if you have it, your report will be a lot more acceptable):
New email(Hotmail/Live):
Proof showing you on a character from the same account requesting that your email be changed(Lobby only):

Lost Account

Quote :
Lost account -
Screenshots(PM THESE):
Character names:
Email registered to account(If you know it):

The two above are slightly similar, but E-mail change is if you currently have access to the account and Lost account is if you are unable to access your account.

Deleted Characters

Quote :
Deleted Character-
Name of Deleted Character:
Screenshot(Please PM this):
Screenshot of UserID logged in to the site or in game(PM This):
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(Must Read) Account Issues Format
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